Wireless Routers gained a lot of popularity since their launch and the reason is that they free your devices from the cables and in addition to this, a wireless router can serve at least 10 devices without any problem. There is no compromise on the speed and in addition to this, the technology is cheap. All these advantages of Wireless Router have forced more and more people to adapt to a wireless technology. In this article, we have listed some of the tips that you must consider while installing a Wireless Router in your House.


Keep it Clear of Obstructions – To begin with, while installing a wireless router, keep it clear of the obstructions. Some people often install the routers in closed space like a cupboard and that decreases the strength of wireless signal significantly. This is one thing that you should surely avoid to get a good signal

Keep it at a Height – Keeping your wireless router at a lower height would also impact the signal strength and thus it is always advisable to keep the wireless router at a height. This would help you in getting the better signals on your wireless devices.

Keep Away from Electronic Appliance – Another point of concerned is that you must keep your wireless router away from appliances like a microwave. The reason for that is that these appliances also generates the wave which can create the noise in the wireless signals generated by the router.

Secure Your Connection – This is one of the most important things and you must set up a password to your Wi-Fi Router so as to prevent any unauthorized use. Not setting up password will make you prone to hacking and data theft.

Correct the Position of Antennas – Lastly, it should be noted that you should have the antennas erect a perpendicular to the surface as they are responsible for propagating the wireless signals. If the antennas are lying vertically to the surface then it would also impact the signal strength. Lastly, try and replace the cable connecting the wireless router and the internet supply on the wall as the rust on the RJ 45 connectors can also slow down your connection.

There were the tips that you must consider while installing a best wireless router in your house and this will help you in getting a better signal strength and a secure Wi-Fi.

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The developers of ShowBox have greatly implemented enriched videos, and for users, they can easily get the contents by a single finger tap. For Mac fans, you must be wondering how you will get the app. Well, the wait is no longer, as here we are going to convey you the steps to download ShowBox for Mac. Make the best possible effort in order to know the method carefully.

ShowBox for Mac: Method to Use the App on Mac PCs

For the users of Mac, ShowBox can easily be downloaded on their devices. And that is exactly we are going to come across with the below-mentioned steps. So follow the steps carefully and get your hands on the brilliant video streaming application, ShowBox.

download Showbox for Mac

Showbox for Mac

1st STEP: At first get your hands on the Genymotion Mac OS X 64 bits by downloading it. Here you have to create an account initially.

2nd STEP: Second, now you have to install Genymotion as you don’t have to install the Genymotion Shell.

3rd STEP: As soon as you complete installing Genymotion now go for the procedure of downloading Virtual Box as well as installing it.

4th STEP: Now go for the option of running Genymotion and then log into your created account.

5th STEP: You are now recommended to click on the ‘Add’ option and add a virtual device. The criteria are any device with 1080×1920 resolution alongside version 4.4.4.

6th STEP: Next you have to click on the device by double tapping it in order to run the virtual device.

7th STEP: Now ShowBox apk file needs to be downloaded and after that follow the next step.

8th STEP: After that you have to drag the ShowBox Apk file to the virtual device that is going to install the Showbox app to the virtual device.

9th STEP: When the app asks for an update, you have to click on the ‘Update’ option in order to run ShowBox app as efficiently as it can. After that, you have to click on the “Settings” option and then check the “unknown sources” section, thereby launch the ShowBox streaming app and then update it.

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The Final Words

We hope you have successfully downloaded Showbox for Mac and can run the app efficiently on your Mac devices. For all Apple users, there’s undoubtedly a question that comes every now and then, and that is, whether ShowBox can be downloaded on iOS devices or not. But here, with heavy hearts, we have to state the fact that ShowBox for iOS is nowhere a possibility for the time being. But we never know, ShowBox is a great streaming application, and it may come for iOS users in the near future. But there’s all in time, as time is the ultimate decider to foretell anything and everything.


Those who love movies can opt for the apps on their PC to get a better view of the movie. With the plethora of Android phones, various apps have become regular names for us. Vidmate is such an app that provides entertainment with latest movie and videos. Now thanks to the Android emulators w can get the facilities of the app on our PC too. Here in this article, we will discuss how to download Vidmate for PC with BlueStacks Emulator.

Vidmate Features

But before jumping into the downloading process let’s take a look at the features of this app which will surely allure you to download it.

  • This app offers you to watch latest videos, TV shows, and movies.
  • Vidmate offers more than 130+ Live TV channels.
  • It provides HD quality.
  • This app supports many formats like MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG, etc.
  • Vidmate automatically detects the link of the browser.
  • It supports about 50,000 high-quality songs.

Vidmate download for PC

The System Requirements for Downloading Vidmate app for PC

  • 20 GB free Space in computer
  • Minimum 512 MB Ram
  • Graphics card or Drivers
  • 32/64 bit windows XP, 7, 8, 9, 10 or v10.7 OS on PC

How to Download Vidmate for PC

The downloading process of Vidmate is easy. One thing you must know that this app is not present on the Google App Store. So to download it you need to get the .apk file through some of the Android emulators. But the process is quite easy and you just need to follow few steps.

First, download the latest Bluestacks android emulator.

Now install Bluestacks on your desired operating systems.

After that, find the Bluestacks search option and type “Vidmate.”

Within the time you will get Vidmate app icon.

Then click on the Vidmate app and start the installation, it takes very less time for installation.

Finally, you can watch Vidmate live TV channels on your windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 PC, laptop.

Wrap up

Vidmate app has endless options for downloading the movies and songs. If you don’t desire to go to the cinema halls and stand in the long queue for watching the movies, then this app is perfect for you which provide ample scope to download the latest movie and watch it without any disturbances. Here the media can be downloaded in an offline mode which reduces the cost of the data and allows you to view them anytime later. So why wait? Just download Vidmate for PC and watch movies and music and even the Indian channels absolutely free!

The mobile industry or the smartphone making companies are actually flourishing like anything these days. We have actually seen some major and huge changes in the features of the smartphones as we do not use the black and white phones which were first introduced. Therefore, the changes and also the advancements are quite good. We cannot actually think of utilizing the smartphones without certainly getting equipped with operating systems because the tech experts have made the operating systems heart and soul of the smartphones. Operating systems are actually made with a lot of concentration and care or else then phone won’t function well. However, Android OS is certainly quite great and so is the Windows OS and of course the operating system, Blackberry. But iOS among them actually stands out because of each and every facility that it ends up delivering to the users. Therefore, the amount of name that the OS has garnered in these many years is quite legit. Apple experts try their utmost every year to roll out the premium most devices and they actually become successful in doing that. Whenever we see the company rolling out a new iOS, the features that come along are totally great and one would not certainly find a way of coming up with a complain regarding it. Therefore, even the iOS 11 will be actually equally great as the earlier operating systems by Apple. Therefore, iOS 11 has every capability of rolling out the facilities which may not be even expected by users. But some might be envisioned because of the current speculations which are certainly at rife. Therefore, eleventh generation or version of iOS would surely have its own charm and would be a threat to all the updated versions of the other operating systems which are expected to launch quite soon.

new iOS 11 emojis

ios 11 emojis

However, emojis are fascinating that we all know and people love using them in each and every text that they send to their loved ones. And the funny emojis are the best part about the smileys. When iOS 10 came into the picture, we loved every bit of it and especially the great emojis that it featured.

And now speculations indicate that iOS 11 might actually sport some more such fascinating emojis which would put a smile on the user’s face. Therefore, they are waiting to see what kind off emojis iOS 11 actually come up with.

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However, iOS 11 actually been the hot topic of discussion since many months and the discussions on it will increase even more as the release date of the anticipated iOS 11 beta approaches. Actually talking about the release date of the eleventh version OS by the Apple company we can say that it may hit markets in the September month.

Almost every generation iOS has been actually made available to the Apple users in the month of September only due to which a September release date for the eleventh iOS is quite legit. However, iOS 11 is actually going to be a threat to all its competitive operating systems.

Technology and the devices that we use are evolving at a larger extent with each passing day. Despite going through a week long packed up schedule we do get to save some time for ourselves and all the credit goes to the advanced devices and the applications which come along with the gadgets that we use. Gone are the days when only Bluetooth used to be the only medium of file transferring on the android phones. The tech giants have introduced a lot more than that which has made each one of our lives extremely convenient and smooth. Shareit has become such a file transferring app that almost every user has it on their devices. It has the power to transfer huge files in no time and the transferring speed of the app is much more higher than USB and Bluetooth. We all know that Shareit is developed by Lenovo and it is getting noticed as well as used on a larger extent ever since its inception. It has been said that the speed of Shareit is 40 times faster than Bluetooth and USB. There are a lot of perks regarding this intriguing file transferring application, and we have jotted down some features which every user needs to know. So check out the features of Shareit below.


  • You do not need any internet or Wifi connection in order to use the Shareit app, you can you use it anytime and anywhere to transfer whatever you want to send to another device.
  • From pictures, songs, pdf files and movies you can transfer everything through Shareit with an extremely lightning speed (100Mbps).
  • Group sharing of files might get a little tedious at times but Shareit not only allows this feature but also gives a great speed while transferring files to almost 5 devices simultaneously.
  • There is a feature in app called Cloneit and it helps in copying the settings and date of phone to the other, for example Contacts or Messages.
  • One of the most helpful and overwhelming features of the file transferring app is that it has a backup option and safely saves all the photos and other documents of the device.
  • The users who have Shareit on their devices can find each other quite easily if they are in a nearby proximity.

And by taking a look into all the features which the Shareit for windows PC app provides to its users, now the person who doesn’t have the app on his/her device might want to download it as soon as possible. And it is actually going to be very helpful once you get the application on your respective devices.

File transferring apps are of great help for all the tech fanatics as we often feel like sharing our favourite or important things with each other. And the kind off speed Shareit provides while transferring the huge files, it is extremely commendable. So let’s hope that the tech giants come with more and more features regarding Shareit in the future.

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People were not at all exposed to technology or wonders it can do to a person’s life few years back, but the world is getting evolved almost everyday and so are we and the other things around us. Technology has sorted almost everything for us by saving our energy and time. The emerge of first rate devices and apps have become highly overwhelming for us and along with video downloading apps even the file transferring application Shareit has also started trending. The joy of sending large files in a less amount of time to the other devices is quite fascinating and convenient, therefore, the Shareit app has several plus points for which it has become the most favourite file transferring app among many users. Internet connection is not a necessary for using Shareit as the users can transfer the file without a wifi or an internet connection. It also has an option called Cloneit through which people can transfer the details of their device to another device like contacts. The Shareit app can be installed on almost all the operating system like Android, ios and Windows PC and there are certain procedures for each operating system for downloading the file transferring app. But let’s get an idea about how to install Shareit on a Windows operating system.


  • The first point which one should follow in order to get the Shareit app on their Windows PC is downloading the installer file of the software of Shareit PC.
  • Then double click on the file that you downloaded so that you can install the software file and then just run the file.
  • You will get to see a UI after downloading the file and then you will get to see the send and receive option but you don’t need to click on any of those options. But you need to click on the option which says connect Android device. And you will get to see that option on the lower part of your screen on the right hand side.
  • You need to open the application (Shareit) right now and then tap on the option called Connect PC.
  • And right after that the network for your PC will be available and select Laptop or Desktop.
  • And when you get done with everything that has been said above, you will get to see the Shareit app forming a connection between your PC and the other device, and then you will be able to send whatever you feel like to the other device.

This process is extremely convenient to follow as one can download Shareit on PC without using Bluestacks as well. So installing the app via Bluestacks requires some other procedure and not the ones which are pointed out above.

However, Shareit has started impressing the users with the features right from day one and it is anticipated that the file transferring app may rope in some more outstanding characteristics as well.

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Xiaomi the fastest growing manufacturer of Android smartphones and is ready to come to a store near you with the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6. The future of smartphones is almost here as will become a worldwide release with the upcoming Mi6. The once limited market release in most Asian markets have quickly made Xiaomi the third leading smartphone brand in the world, and will soon be feature in markets worldwide.


The Xiaomi Mi6 is one of the most speculated smartphones and thus the rumors regarding it is numerous and that itself make sure the popularity of the phone. Mi6 is rumored to be the first Xiaomi smartphone which will debut in markets like Canada, US, and others who have been patiently waiting true premium quality, budget friendly smartphones. The Mi6 is also rumored to be getting some serious upgrades from its previous one, and Xiaomi intends on maintaining the consumer friendly prices. The price is almost half below that of many of its competitors such as Apple, LG, Samsung, HTC etc.

Xiaomi Mi6 Processor

The first and foremost rumor of the upcoming phone will get the Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor like its previous device, but this time it will get a step up in speed. The Mi5 processor was clocked at 2.3 GHZ, and the Mi6 is expected to be clocked at 2.5 – 2.7 GHZ.

Xiaomi Mi6 Screen

Another probable rumor regarding Mi6 is it will get slight size enhancement. As the Mi5 was 5.0” Mi6 will be getting an extra couple of inches in the screen. It’s looking like Xiaomi will be holding nothing back with the screen specs which include a 4K screen, and an unheard of 4096 x 2160 resolution. If the latest Xiaomi Mi6 rumor holds true, this may bring a screen with a PPI near 700.

Xiaomi Mi6 Camera

The best feature of the last version of Mi series Mi5 was the camera. This time too the brand is not compromising with it. Both the front and rear cameras will surely be getting an upgrade, and the new camera features will go a long way. As per the rumor suggesting a 23 MP rear camera and a 7 MP front camera will compare to other high-end Android release.


This is another notable features of this upcoming smartphone is its memory. According to the expectation the of memory options in the Mi6 is ample in amount. Expandable memory is expected to make its way via a Micro SD card slot which will give consumers an extra 128 GB. There will of course be the same three internal memory options of 16, 32, and 64 GB. The phone may get two 128 GB micro SD cards with two Micro SD card slots, which makes it clear that this magnetic phone would bring the total expandable memory to 256 GB. In this day in age, having more than enough is what consumers want and now need, and having.

But it is a fact that all these features are still not confirmed by the company itself and to know that we will have to wait till the brand releases its specifications in details so that we can tally to know that we are about to get!

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On Christmas one of the most important things is Christmas tree decoration. It carries the symbol of Christmas. You can find everywhere this Christmas tree at Christmas time. Here are some decoration materials for your help. If you want more then you can add without fear. Just have a look below. Merry Christmas images


John Lewis Grand Tour Pom Pom Tree Decoration, Red

To decorate the Christmas tree you can use this John Lewis pom pom. Red is the catchy color so you should choose this color for decoration.

Willow Tree Skirt

To give a neat finish to the artificial or fresh Christmas tree you will need willow tree skirt.  It is also very important part of Christmas tree decoration. It is designed to hold your tree and it will also provide support.

Red X

This is very little thing but this can give your Christmas tree a different and gorgeous look. Red x is just not a decoration material it also stands for marry Xmas. So you can’t neglect this friend.

Ostravia Pearlised Bauble, Cream

Ostravia pearlised Bauble is a nice element for Christmas tree decoration. It has so many colors but you will love the cream color most. You can use this to decorate your doors or windows. check also Christmas Clip Art

Mini Cluster Baubles, Copper

These mini cluster baubles are very nice looking decoration ornaments. Copper color gives an extra effect to the whole decoration. If you don’t like copper color then there are other color options for you. You can choose whatever you want.

Snowshill Acorn Bauble, Olive

Another important thing is snowshill acorn bauble. As Christmas is the winter time and snow is fallen in the ountryside. Snowshill manor is all warm and cozy. You can add this to the tree decoration. It will give a illuminates effect.

Ruskin House Glitter Pine Cones

Pinecones are very common things and we all keep this at our house. You should try glitter pine cones this Christmas.

Ruskin House Petal Sequin Bauble

This Ruskin house petal sequin bauble gives warm and traditional patterns to your Christmas tree.

Mini Glass Star Baubles

These baubles will give creative, inventive and contemporary look to all the tree decoration. You will also mesmerize to see your Christmas tree. do check Merry Christmas wishes

Glitter Bell Bauble

Last but not the least item is glitter bell bauble. If you want to use this stuff to your Christmas tree then you just have to buy a single glitter bell bauble. It will complete your Christmas tree decoration. Check Also christmas meme

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Do you want a romantic date on New Year 2017? New Year is very special to all of us as it comes once in a year. If you want to make your date memorable then you should choose this special day for that special one of your life. Here I am giving 10 best New Year Romantic Date ideas for your help.   Hope this will inspire you.

happy new year romantic date ideas

romantic date ideas for new year’s eve

Prep arty Sunset Picnic

Time is the most valuable thing in a relationship. Arrange a sunset picnic with cake, chocolates, alcohol and flower for your special one. Spent a quality time with each other and watching the setting of sun in the west. This is really romantic!

Garden Centre

Garden canter or park is always a good place where you can express your feeling fearlessly. In this purpose your area garden centre is treasure place. You can spend some good time with your date.

City Restaurant

You can also arrange your date in a restaurant on this New Year and click some exotic new year images. There you can get latest food buzz and new drinks. Your special one will surely appreciate your choice.

Dollar Store

If you are running of money then do not worry friends. Go to the dollar store with your budget. Buy gifts for your partner. This is really a sweet way to celebrate your date.

Bubbly to the Beach

Go for a date on beach side and do whatever your heart wants to do. Your partner surely likes your spontaneous activity. This is a very unusual and romantic date option.

Dinner Boat Cruise

Want to feel your loved one like princess? Then arrange a dinner in a luxury boat cruise on this day.

Romantic Night-time tour

On this day all the city looks like a fairy tale city. You can go for a romantic nighttime tour with your special one. This is also a unique date idea.

Stay at a Charming B&B

Go for a date with your loved one in a country side and stay at a charming Bed and Breakfast place. This is really nice and naughty date idea for couples.

Go to a Concert

If your partner loves music then go for date to a music concert. You will so many options as on New Year time.

Cosy Up Beside a Holiday Bonfire

Bonfire is always a romantic option. If you arrange a bonfire under open sky on this New Year then it will be the ultimate romantic date for you.

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Amazon: Today. Amazon needs no introduction to anyone. With the advancement in technology, there is also advancement in many of the general or day to day life practices and shopping is one of these. In past 4-5 years online shopping has got an amazing boom and becoming very popular too. At present, most of the people prefer to shop online and thus online shopping portals or the websites are getting much attention than the market shops. Here we also shared some information regarding Amazon.in customer care, check out all the details.


In this article we’ll be discussing about tracking of user’s order on amazon.

Tracking Order: Amazon provides facility for its customers to track their order online from amazon website itself. Tracking your ordered package is quite beneficial that informs the customer expected delivering date of the customer’s order. The procedure to track the order is as follows:

  1. First, access “www.amazon.in”.
  2. To track your order, the user must have to login to amazon account with his/her login credentials. For this user need to click on “Sign In” button available at the right hand side at the top panel.
  3. Now after enter the correct login credentials, website grants access to the user into his/ her account.
  4. Click on “Your Orders” button which is available on the right hand side above at the top of the website.
  5. Now the website directs the user to the page where user can see all the shopped and ordered items in that list.
  6. On “Your Orders” page there are three buttons available for each item that has been ordered by the customers, namely as “Track package”, “Cancel Items” and “Ask Product Questions”.
  7. By clicking on “Track Package” button” the user can view the details like arriving status (expected arrival date of the order), shipment status etc.

The “Your Orders” page has all the details about the ordered item. These details are order no., shipment details, and other details regarding the package once the package has been shipped. An alternate way to track your package or the order is to contact the amazon customer care number via toll free number provided to its customers.

While the customer contacts the customer care, the customer care representative asks for the users name and order number which the customer has ordered (order number is also sent on the mobile number provided to amazon by the customer), user can collect the tracking details from the customer care representative.

Usually delivery time taken by amazon is 10 working days however the package may be delivered before the expected date and time as viewed in the tracking order page of the website. Also, the customer may cancel his/ her order at any moment from the website itself via “Cancel items” button available just below the “Track package” button.

Furthermore, the day customer’s order is expected to deliver, the amazon courier boy calls the customer and confirms the details where the order is supposed to be delivered and then also informs his expected arriving time to deliver the order.

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