When we talk about this bold and black lady, Paoli Dam one thing that sets everybody’s mind on fire is her debut film, Hate Story the movie was released 2012, a story about revenge, seduction, intimation, supremacy and salvation of a women’s character. We will come back to this later but before she entered into Bollywood she already has a huge background and experienced working in Bengali movies. She is like a Bengali queen and may have done more than the best 50 that you can count on.

If we go through of her previous work from movie, I Love You to Teen YaariKhata, she has really worked hard to achieve a repo with her acting personality, I would prefer to say that she is hard working and determined actress and she was so impressive that the director,VivekAgnihotricasted her for her first debut movieHate Story in 2012. If we were to talk about her bold work in this movie well the critic reviews were so good and they have really appreciated her acting and taking that role and executing it really well. “The acting was bold because the role demanded it”, quoted by Paoli Dam in an interview.

Paoli Dam

Off courseit was an erotic thriller and she was playing to be a sex worker so what else you folks accept the part there will be no nudes. Yes, it was a major forth coming in the Bollywood movies, after the mostly talked movies like Murder, Jism and Jannat that were already set the bench mark for the erotic romantic movies in Bollywood.

The Actress Paoli Dam has done an exceptional work to be a fine artist in executing the roles as the scripts demanded and giving all the intimate and erotic scenes were not only the part, that the movie was a super hit in the theaters but also the base of the story line and the actors and directors or producers who had put their combined effort to gain the great result and outcome of that.

If we were to talk about her creative role in Bollywood, her next movie in Bollywood in the consequent year was Ankur Arora Murder Case released in 2013, based on the true lives. Though her role wasn’t a lead in this movie but was evident as she played to be a Criminal Attorney fighting for justice. Last year we all have already seen her fearless acting but in this movie she was fierce, confident and the way she acted in executing the role was phenomenal, looks like all her experience from past certainly affected her role in Ankur Arora Murder Case. In an interview with Paoli Dam, she also said that, “It was something very real and close to real life experience and de-glamourized role, which she always wanted to do at least once in her life and she also added that It was something that she really enjoyed playing”.