Apple has always been one company which has always promised us great improvements every year. Apple has managed to showcase different smart features in every release of the iPhone. Be it the iPhone 4 with the changed design and glass back and better camera or the iPhone 4S with the same design and better hardware and the launch of SiRi or the iPhone 5 with the new metal body and screen as well or their best IPhone ever, the iPhone 5S, with even better design and colors and 64 Bit processor. However, the iPhone 6 and 6S didn’t share the same story. When Apple launched the iPhone 6, it saw mixed reactions because of its changed design and Apple launched the iPhone 6S with the same design and changed the camera of the phone and added a 3D touch feature.


This time, Apple is launching the iPhone 7 in three variants, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 PLUS and iPhone 7 PRO. All the devices will be launched in the September, 2016 only. Let’s see at the improvements in the iPhone 7.

  1. Display

Like any other smartphone company, Apple too is going for an AMOLED display. Apple’s display is great but as the time passed, their monopoly in the market faded because of the AMOLED screens. The iPhone 7 will have a 4.5 inch AMOLED screen with 4K display resolution.

  1. Design

iPhone is all about the exclusiveness and design. This time, Apple is using same sort of underpinnings for the iPhone 7 with a twist. It is removing the antenna bands from the back or the device which means you will have those bands on the top and bottom of the device only, giving the back a perfect finished look.

Another great thing that Apple engineers have done is include more colors. Earlier you had just one option in the dark shade which is space grey, but now, Apple is getting rid of the space grey color and adding space black and Deep Blue color which will give you two options to choose from in the dark shades of iPhone 7.

  1. Camera

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PLUS are set to feature the same camera as we have seen in the iPhone 6S, but the PRO version will feature a dual camera setup. This will allow users to capture pictures which are even better than a DSLR camera.

  1. Storage

All the variants of the iPhone 7 will allow you to shoot videos in 4K resolution. A 16 GB storage option doesn’t suffice that and that is why Apple is upgrading the base storage of the iPhone 7 to 32 GB. iPhone will preloaded with iOS 10.

Prices will start from 60,000 INR and will climb up to 95,000 rupees for the PRO version.