Amazon: Today. Amazon needs no introduction to anyone. With the advancement in technology, there is also advancement in many of the general or day to day life practices and shopping is one of these. In past 4-5 years online shopping has got an amazing boom and becoming very popular too. At present, most of the people prefer to shop online and thus online shopping portals or the websites are getting much attention than the market shops. Here we also shared some information regarding customer care, check out all the details.


In this article we’ll be discussing about tracking of user’s order on amazon.

Tracking Order: Amazon provides facility for its customers to track their order online from amazon website itself. Tracking your ordered package is quite beneficial that informs the customer expected delivering date of the customer’s order. The procedure to track the order is as follows:

  1. First, access “”.
  2. To track your order, the user must have to login to amazon account with his/her login credentials. For this user need to click on “Sign In” button available at the right hand side at the top panel.
  3. Now after enter the correct login credentials, website grants access to the user into his/ her account.
  4. Click on “Your Orders” button which is available on the right hand side above at the top of the website.
  5. Now the website directs the user to the page where user can see all the shopped and ordered items in that list.
  6. On “Your Orders” page there are three buttons available for each item that has been ordered by the customers, namely as “Track package”, “Cancel Items” and “Ask Product Questions”.
  7. By clicking on “Track Package” button” the user can view the details like arriving status (expected arrival date of the order), shipment status etc.

The “Your Orders” page has all the details about the ordered item. These details are order no., shipment details, and other details regarding the package once the package has been shipped. An alternate way to track your package or the order is to contact the amazon customer care number via toll free number provided to its customers.

While the customer contacts the customer care, the customer care representative asks for the users name and order number which the customer has ordered (order number is also sent on the mobile number provided to amazon by the customer), user can collect the tracking details from the customer care representative.

Usually delivery time taken by amazon is 10 working days however the package may be delivered before the expected date and time as viewed in the tracking order page of the website. Also, the customer may cancel his/ her order at any moment from the website itself via “Cancel items” button available just below the “Track package” button.

Furthermore, the day customer’s order is expected to deliver, the amazon courier boy calls the customer and confirms the details where the order is supposed to be delivered and then also informs his expected arriving time to deliver the order.