Wireless Routers gained a lot of popularity since their launch and the reason is that they free your devices from the cables and in addition to this, a wireless router can serve at least 10 devices without any problem. There is no compromise on the speed and in addition to this, the technology is cheap. All these advantages of Wireless Router have forced more and more people to adapt to a wireless technology. In this article, we have listed some of the tips that you must consider while installing a Wireless Router in your House.


Keep it Clear of Obstructions – To begin with, while installing a wireless router, keep it clear of the obstructions. Some people often install the routers in closed space like a cupboard and that decreases the strength of wireless signal significantly. This is one thing that you should surely avoid to get a good signal

Keep it at a Height – Keeping your wireless router at a lower height would also impact the signal strength and thus it is always advisable to keep the wireless router at a height. This would help you in getting the better signals on your wireless devices.

Keep Away from Electronic Appliance – Another point of concerned is that you must keep your wireless router away from appliances like a microwave. The reason for that is that these appliances also generates the wave which can create the noise in the wireless signals generated by the router.

Secure Your Connection – This is one of the most important things and you must set up a password to your Wi-Fi Router so as to prevent any unauthorized use. Not setting up password will make you prone to hacking and data theft.

Correct the Position of Antennas – Lastly, it should be noted that you should have the antennas erect a perpendicular to the surface as they are responsible for propagating the wireless signals. If the antennas are lying vertically to the surface then it would also impact the signal strength. Lastly, try and replace the cable connecting the wireless router and the internet supply on the wall as the rust on the RJ 45 connectors can also slow down your connection.

There were the tips that you must consider while installing a best wireless router in your house and this will help you in getting a better signal strength and a secure Wi-Fi.