Apple has always been one company which has always promised us great improvements every year. Apple has managed to showcase different smart features in every release of the iPhone. Be it the iPhone 4 with the changed design and glass back and better camera or the iPhone 4S with the same design and better hardware and the launch of SiRi or the iPhone 5 with the new metal body and screen as well or their best IPhone ever, the iPhone 5S, with even better design and colors and 64 Bit processor. However, the iPhone 6 and 6S didn’t share the same story. When Apple launched the iPhone 6, it saw mixed reactions because of its changed design and Apple launched the iPhone 6S with the same design and changed the camera of the phone and added a 3D touch feature.


This time, Apple is launching the iPhone 7 in three variants, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 PLUS and iPhone 7 PRO. All the devices will be launched in the September, 2016 only. Let’s see at the improvements in the iPhone 7.

  1. Display

Like any other smartphone company, Apple too is going for an AMOLED display. Apple’s display is great but as the time passed, their monopoly in the market faded because of the AMOLED screens. The iPhone 7 will have a 4.5 inch AMOLED screen with 4K display resolution.

  1. Design

iPhone is all about the exclusiveness and design. This time, Apple is using same sort of underpinnings for the iPhone 7 with a twist. It is removing the antenna bands from the back or the device which means you will have those bands on the top and bottom of the device only, giving the back a perfect finished look.

Another great thing that Apple engineers have done is include more colors. Earlier you had just one option in the dark shade which is space grey, but now, Apple is getting rid of the space grey color and adding space black and Deep Blue color which will give you two options to choose from in the dark shades of iPhone 7.

  1. Camera

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PLUS are set to feature the same camera as we have seen in the iPhone 6S, but the PRO version will feature a dual camera setup. This will allow users to capture pictures which are even better than a DSLR camera.

  1. Storage

All the variants of the iPhone 7 will allow you to shoot videos in 4K resolution. A 16 GB storage option doesn’t suffice that and that is why Apple is upgrading the base storage of the iPhone 7 to 32 GB. iPhone will preloaded with iOS 10.

Prices will start from 60,000 INR and will climb up to 95,000 rupees for the PRO version.

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When we talk about this bold and black lady, Paoli Dam one thing that sets everybody’s mind on fire is her debut film, Hate Story the movie was released 2012, a story about revenge, seduction, intimation, supremacy and salvation of a women’s character. We will come back to this later but before she entered into Bollywood she already has a huge background and experienced working in Bengali movies. She is like a Bengali queen and may have done more than the best 50 that you can count on.

If we go through of her previous work from movie, I Love You to Teen YaariKhata, she has really worked hard to achieve a repo with her acting personality, I would prefer to say that she is hard working and determined actress and she was so impressive that the director,VivekAgnihotricasted her for her first debut movieHate Story in 2012. If we were to talk about her bold work in this movie well the critic reviews were so good and they have really appreciated her acting and taking that role and executing it really well. “The acting was bold because the role demanded it”, quoted by Paoli Dam in an interview.

Paoli Dam

Off courseit was an erotic thriller and she was playing to be a sex worker so what else you folks accept the part there will be no nudes. Yes, it was a major forth coming in the Bollywood movies, after the mostly talked movies like Murder, Jism and Jannat that were already set the bench mark for the erotic romantic movies in Bollywood.

The Actress Paoli Dam has done an exceptional work to be a fine artist in executing the roles as the scripts demanded and giving all the intimate and erotic scenes were not only the part, that the movie was a super hit in the theaters but also the base of the story line and the actors and directors or producers who had put their combined effort to gain the great result and outcome of that.

If we were to talk about her creative role in Bollywood, her next movie in Bollywood in the consequent year was Ankur Arora Murder Case released in 2013, based on the true lives. Though her role wasn’t a lead in this movie but was evident as she played to be a Criminal Attorney fighting for justice. Last year we all have already seen her fearless acting but in this movie she was fierce, confident and the way she acted in executing the role was phenomenal, looks like all her experience from past certainly affected her role in Ankur Arora Murder Case. In an interview with Paoli Dam, she also said that, “It was something very real and close to real life experience and de-glamourized role, which she always wanted to do at least once in her life and she also added that It was something that she really enjoyed playing”.

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Flipkart has always been on the top when we talk about the Indian online shopping market, which is expanding day by day. Here we are going to all important information regarding Flipkart Customer Care Service In the recent time, Flipkart is facing tough competition with Amazon which as we know is an American giant. But, Flipkart is still on the top as it knows what its customer wants and understands better the Indian clientele.Flipkart is also known for its customer service and satisfaction, but how to contact the Flipkart people.

Flipkart Customer Care

Flipkart is a big firm and that is why they needed to establish a big unit for supporting its customer’s queries and they have done it properly by giving options to users to contact them by;

  1. Email

When we order something on Flipkart, they send us their invoice’s soft copy via their automatically generated email. Well, the same can also be used to reach them. For any of your queries, you can mail them at and they will get back to you in less than 15 minutes. You can mention any of your order number or phone number or even tell them to call you back; they will call you back in the same time margin.

  1. Phone

Well, most of the Indian customers who would want to contact any customer care would always prefer phone call because that way, they will be able to satisfy themselves that the company is there to listen to them. Well, for that matter, Flipkart people have two lines opened for you guys. 18002089898 is their main toll free phone line through which you can not only talk to the officials but also track the status of your current order update. (0124) 6150000 is another line through which you can get to them and the special thing about this line is that it connects you directly to their corporate office, which is in Bangalore. This doesn’t mean that they will directly transfer your call to the CEO of Flipkart but what this does mean is that you can be assured that they take good care of your doubts.

  1. In-App Portal

If you are using the Flipkart application in your smartphone like most of the users, then contacting them is easier for you as you don’t have to go through all the trouble to write a mail and sent it to them. Instead, you can directly go to Help Center option in their app and select your query or if you have any doubt about your recent order or want to track order to know the status, you can do that easily as well. You can directly go to the contact us option in the help center and then select your query or write your own if it isn’t listed there

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When we talk about courier services, nothing comes to our minds except DHL or Blue Dart. Blue Dart has been serving this world since more than 21 years now and since that time that have grown into world’s largest courier company. When they started, they only had a city to cover and now, they are delivering in more than 220 countries with the help of their partners like DHL. Blue Dart is very much alive in south Asia region and in India, they have 34,000 + locations. Blue Dart is not only serving the local people, but also have tie ups with major e-Commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

Blue Dart Customer Service

How to contact Blue Dart Customer Care?

Like every other customer care service, Blue Dart also lets you to connect to them in two different ways. You can not only connect to them via mail but also call their help line numbers as they are available 24 hours a day.

How to track order id?

When you place an order through any e-commerce company, they provide you a tracking number or tracking detail in their own portal. Just like that, Blue Dart also has its own tracking system. When you book a courier through Blue Dart, they provide you a tracking number via message and then from that tracking number, you can easily track your order to know its whereabouts. The tracking facility is also available 24X7. You can either call Blue Dart or their customer help line number or can do it personally by going onto their website and by just putting your tracking number in the box, you will be able to know about the package’s whereabouts.

Blue Dart Customer Care Number & Customer Care Email Address

Blue Dart has divided Indian market place into different territories according to different states. Every state has its own Blue Dart Customer Care Number but for convenience, Blue Dart has also provided a universal number which is not only Toll Free, but is also accessible from any part of India. This number is Blue Dart’s Toll Free number and can be dialed from any state as it automatically transfers you to the Blue Dart’s server, 1860-233-1234. However, you can also try to reach them through another number which is not toll free, but also can be reached from any part of India, 040 66151234.

Blue Dart also has an email address through which its consumer can contact them. But just like the phone numbers, the company has also divided the customer care email ids into states. But, you can still write an email on their universal email id,

It is a great company and Blue Dart Customer Care which not only takes care of your package but also your queries with their apt tracking system as well as their amazing customer service.

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